There is this ongoing battle (a small one) between me, and my wife. I, when travelling, imagine visiting many places, being on the go, exploring local, authentic scenery. Alexandra on the contrary, prefers the sun, beach & the sea. For second year now, we’ve managed to come to a compromise, when taking our summer holiday.

Half is to be spent traveling and doing “my part”, second half is to be spent soaking on the sun.

Needless to say, we’ll both greatly enjoy all of it. So here it is, our itinerary for next two weeks:

  1. Day I: Belgrade, Serbia
  2. Day II-III: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  3. Day IV-V: Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  4. Day VI-XII: Korcula Island, Croatia

Below our trip on the map. All together, we’ll drive over 2.000 km, travel through 7 countries – Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.

Whenever we travel, I take as a great opportunity to photograph. This time though, I plan to use this opportunity to start writing about our experiences.

driving across balcans

So here we are, packed & ready to go!

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